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Exploring the terrain of a land is best done on a motorcycle and Nepal is a country with innumerable types of terrain. Nepal is also where the ice – cold, mighty Himalayas meet the lush green tropical region of the Terai plains. For the past few years Nepal has become a popular destination for motorcyclist around the world as it offers views of the magnificent Himalayas, colorful and vibrant cultures, ancient temples and monasteries, jungle safari in search of the elusive tiger and more…

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and variation in altitude. The elevation of the country ranges from 60 meters above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,848 meters, all within a distance of 150 kilometers resulting in climatic conditions from sub-tropical to Arctic.


You will be met by Himalayan Hikers representative and transferred to the hotel and checked in.

Eve: A brief introduction of the trip and introduction of the participants of the ride followed by a welcome dinner at a typical Nepali Restaurant with cultural show.  After the dinner, transfer to the Hotel.   Overnight at the Hotel

09:00 Hrs: After breakfast met by guide and vehicle for half a day’s sightseeing tour of Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple.
The Boudhanath Stupa is located 6 kilometers Northeast of Kathmandu and is a colossal imposing Stupa standing about 36 meters and is one of the oldest Buddhist monuments ever built in Nepal. The stupa stands on the massive three level Mandala style platforms surrounded by colourful family style houses. The Stupa is said to have been built in the 5th Century and is a sight of great veneration to the Buddhist.

Continue on to Pashupatinath Temple – the most sacred of the Hindu Temples in the world and is amongst the five principle pilgrimage sites for the Hindus. On an annual pilgrimage during Shivaratri Festival, thousands of devotees of Lord Shiva from all the Hindu communities of the world, pay their homage here. Pashupatinath is the reincarnation of Shiva in his most benevolent form as the shepherd of fertility and so there are no animal sacrifices in this temple. Only fruits, flowers and vermilion are offered. It lies on the banks of the Bagmati river and for the Hindus, to be cremated at Pashupatinath, means a direct passage to heaven.After the visit, return to the Hotel.

15:00 Hrs: Met by the Road captain and introduction to the Royal Enfield Motorcycles. There will be a short briefing about the safety and the proper speed to ride on the roads of Nepal followed by a question and answer session.

After the briefing, everyone will be handed the keys to the motorcycles and taken for a ride around the city to familiarize with the motorcycles.Rest of the evening is free

Overnight at the Hotel

After breakfast met by the Road Captain and the Mechanic and ride towards Charikot (Approx. 133 Km).

Negotiate traffic out of the Kathmandu city to the Ringroad cross section – Koteshwor. From here, follow the newly constructed highway to Bhaktapur (Approx. 12 Km from Kathmandu). The ancient Bhaktapur City or the “City of Devotees” situated at an altitude of 1,401 m, 12 kilometers east of Kathmandu. Bhaktapur covers an area of 4 square miles and is shaped like a conch shell. Pottery and weavings are its traditional industries.

Continue cruising past Bhaktapur to Dhulikhel (Approx. 18 Km from Bhaktapur) via Jagati, Sanga & Banepa passing road side settlements and terraced farmlands.

Dhulikhel, situated at an elevation of 1550 meters with panoramic view of the Himalayas is a small Newari town and is famous for its scenic beauty and old tradition. It offers magnificent views of the Himalayas from Mt, Karyolung in the east to Mt. Himalchuli to the west the twin crest of Mt. Langtang in the west to the Mt. Everest in the east can be clearly viewed in a clear day. Dhulikhel is ideal for snow-capped peaks, sunrise, sunset and it is different from any other and is one of the best sites to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas.

Later continue ride towards Dolalghat.

After few kilometers from Dhulikhel the highway drops in to the winding road with the beautiful sceneries of terraced fields and forested trails alongside small settlement to “Zero Kilo”. From here road bifurcates. North road leads to Melamchi Bazaar and South road leads to Kodari. Head south and continue ride towards Dolalghat – the lowest point on the entire road at 634m (Approx.25 Km from Dhulikhel). Dolalghat is situated at the confluence of Indrawati and Sunkoshi rivers on the Araniko highway and this place is apparently famous for the fish from its rivers.

Cross the bridge and slowly ascend on a winding road for a few kilometers and after 2 kilometers turn a steep right to come up to the ridge. (Note: At the turning, the straight road leads to Chautara so one needs to take the full right turn and continue on the highway).

From the ridge, descend to Chehere and continue cruising along with the fast flowing Bhote Koshi River on the right side and beautiful views of terraced fields, forests and small settlements all the way to the Khandichaur (Approx. 96 Km from Kathmandu).

From here road bifurcates north to Kodari (Nepal – Tibet Border) and east to Jiri. Head east and continue ride on the black topped pitched narrow winding and uphill till Charikot (approx. 37 km from Khandichaur).

Charikot is one of a biggest town and the headquarters of Dolakha District in the Janakpur zone of northeastern in Nepal. Upon arrival at Charikot, check into the hotel

Rest of the day is free to relax or explore around the village.

Dinner & Overnight at the Hotel

After leisurely breakfast get ready for the ride towards Jiri (approx. 70 km). Since we have done most of the uphill ride, from the resort at Charikot the ride begins with a traverse on a pitched road all the way to the Charikot Bazaar where we meet the trail junction. The road towards (Left hand side) north leads to Dolakha and the road towards (Right hand side) east lead to Jiri. We take the right hand side and continue on the road. From here the road slowly descends but contour and winds around the hills through dense lush green forest. Continue to ride on the road till you arrive at a check post just few kilometers before Jiri. Here at the check post your passport will be checked and after the formalities, continue to descend on the winding road till you finally arrive at Jiri.

Jiri lies at an altitude of 1,905 meters and is the eastern-most terminus of the highway coming from Kathmandu. A company of the Nepal Army is stationed in town and visitors’ equipment and backpacks might be searched. There are a number of lodges available along either side of the main road mainly in Jiri Bazaar.

All the Everest expedition in the early 50 and 60’s had to pass through Jiri. Jiri is also called the “Gateway to Mt. Everest” as this is the trail head to the Everest region. Upon arrival at Jiri, we check in to the lodge. Rest of the day is free to browse around. There is a cheese factory and a Technical Institute established by the Swiss people so one can have a quick visit to these places.

Dinner & Overnight at the Hotel

After breakfast retrace the route till Khandichaur (approx. 107 Km). Here the road bifurcates west to Kathmandu and north to Kodari (Nepal – Tibet Border). Continue ride to the Last resort (approx. 23 km).

Upon arrival at The Last Resort gate, leave the motorcycles at the parking lot and then cross the 50 meter suspension bridge, the launch station for the bungy jump.

The Last Resort is set amidst sprawling terraced slopes, suspended on a high cliff-top gorge above the wild Bhote Koshi River and surrounded by dense jungle and pristine forest. The grounds of the resort are meticulously landscaped. Luxurious safari tents, spaciously set in lush gardens, ensure quiet and peaceful stay in an exotic setting.

Uniquely crafted in local stone, wood and slate, the resort has an intimate dining hall with centuries old wood-carving where delicious home style food is served. The well stocked Instant Karma bar is a great place for having chilled drinks when the day is done and you are left thirsty.

Upon arriving on the other side, met by resident manager and assigned the tents.

(Note: Accommodation is in Safari tents with common bathrooms)

Dinner & Overnight at the Last Resort

After breakfast ride to retrace the route till Bhaktapur (Kathmandu road). Here we stop for the lunch and sightseeing tour.

Bhaktapur City OR “City of Devotees” situated at an altitude of 1,401 m, 12 kilometers east of Kathmandu. Bhaktapur covers an area of 4 square miles and is shaped like a conch shell. Pottery and weavings are its traditional industries. The major sightseeing places in Bhaktapur include:

Durbar Square: The main square of the city contains innumerable temples and other architectural showpieces like Lion Gate, the statue of Bhupatindra Malla the Picture Galley, the Golden Gate, the Palace of 55 windows, the Bastille temple and the Bell of barking dogs, etc. The statue of Bhupatindra Malla in the act of worship is placed on a column facing the palace. Of the many statues available in Nepal this is considered to be the most magnificent.

The National Art Gallery: Contains ancient and medieval paintings belonging to Hindu and Buddhist school depicting Tantrics of various period and descriptions.

The Golden Gate: The Golden Gate is the entrance to the main counter of the Palace of 55 windows. Built by King Ranjit Malla, the gate is one of the most beautiful and richly carved specimens of its kind in the entire world. This gate is embellished with deities and monsters of marvelous intricacy.

The Palace of 55 Windows: The palace of 55 windows was built in the seventeenth century by King Bhupatindra Malla. Among the brick walls with their gracious settings and sculptural design, is a balcony of 55 windows. This balcony is the masterpiece of wood carving.

Natyapola Temple: This five storey pagoda was built in 1702 A.D. by King Bhupatindra Malla. It stands on a five-terraced platform. On each of the terraces, squat a pair of figures; two famous wrestlers, two elephants, two lions, two griffins, Baghiani, Singini – the tiger and the lion goddesses. This is one of the tallest pagodas and is famous for its massive structure and subtle workmanship.

After the sightseeing tour and lunch continue ride to Nagarkot.

Nagarkot tucked away in the upper reaches of Kathmandu Valley in Nagarkot with a history that dates back to the first human settlement of the valley. Once a busy trade route to Tibet, Nagarkot still maintains its popularity for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the Himalayas.

The panoramic view of the Himalayas that Nagarkot offers stretches over 300 kms. This is 32 km to the north – east of Katmandu and hour drive through the windy road situated at 2175 meter from the sea level, this is magnificent place to view the panorama of major peaks of eastern Himalayan ranges including Mt. Everest on clear days. It is also very spectacular to watch the sunrise and sunset over the Himalayan ranges. There are also number of luxury hotels and lodges available for accommodation to spend the night. Short day hiking can be done to explore the Tamang villages and other areas of interest for easy going trekkers. Set on a ridge northeast of Bhaktapur, it commands a classic panorama view of Himalayas.

Upon arrival at Nagarkot check in to the hotel.

Rest of the day is free to relax or explore around the town.

Dinner & overnight at the Hotel

After leisurely breakfast ride starts with an exciting descent on a graveled rough road. We pass through many rustic villages and reach at the beautiful ancient village of Sankhu – this place is also known as the Eighty Siddhas as there are four of five caves where the siddhas of India are said to have stayed. One of the caves is also said to have been the practice cave of Nagarjuna, and an image of the great master which was originally in the cave has been taken outside and placed some distance away.

Continue ride to Tokha. Tokha is one of the oldest settlements in the Kathmandu valley dating back more than 2,100 years. The village is famous around the valley for the quality chaku (molasses) produced here. This ancient settlement a maze of narrow lanes and tightly packed houses punctuated by pagoda temples, reflects the traditional layout of the valley towns and is a different world altogether

From here ride towards Trishuli on a newly constructed road via Shivapuri National Park on a black topped pitch winding uphill & downhill through the dense forest and the beautiful villages.

Upon arrival at Trishuli continue ride another 7 km to the Famous Farm House (Nuwakot).

Upon arrival check in to the Famous Farm House.

Rest of the day is free to relax or explore around the village.

Dinner & Overnight at the Hotel

After breakfast retrace the route till Trishuli and from here follow the road to Galchi (approx. 20 Km). Form here road bifurcates west to Pokhara and east to Kathmandu. Head east and continue ride to Naubise (approx. 30 Km from Galchi).

Here again road bifurcates head south to Daman. Head south and continue ride to Daman through the uphill, winding and narrow road with sharp bends till Daman (Approx. 62 Km).

Situated at an altitude of 2,500 meter (8, 00 ft) Daman is the perfect destination for all seasons to undertake outdoor activities like rock climbing, Para gliding, hang gliding or even just for acclimatization before a hectic trek or mountaineering, Pony trekking, Mountain biking, Fishing etc. One can also view the mountain panorama including Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest –8848m), the highest peak in the world.

Upon arrival at Daman check in to the hotel.

Rest of the day is free to relax or explore around the town.

Overnight at the Everest Panorama Resort or Similar

After early morning breakfast ride towards Kathmandu via Khulekhani Dam. Ride starts with the downhill on a blacktop road for 7 km till Palung, from where the road diverts. The main road leads to Hetaunda and another road which is a dirt track (mostly gravel) for 24 km to Khulekheni Dam.

Kulekhani Reservoir is also known as Indra Sarobar and the security guards do not allow people lingering along the dam area. So, a short break for some quickly taken photographs, we continue on the ride to Kathmandu.

Some section of the road is still under construction and may be a bit difficult to negotiate and tests the driving skills of the riders. However, it is only about 15 kilometers and then the route becomes a more pleasurable ride except for the jeep drivers that tests ones patience with their speed driving and continuous honking of their horns.

This section of the ride provides beautiful scenery of the mountains, rolling forested hills, deep gorges and typical Nepali village scenery. Our arrival at Pharping brings us to the city limits and a 18 kilometer rides brings us to the city center.

Bid farewell to the Road Captain and mechanic transfer to the Hotel.

Rest of the day is free to relax.

Overnight at the Hotel

Free day at Kathmandu.

18:00 Hrs: Dinner at the famous Rum Doodle restaurant & the 40,000 ½ ft bar. Hearty food prepared hygienically and the great atmosphere all adds up to make this one of the most popular restaurant and pub in town. The 40,000 ½ Feet Bar has a collection of autographs from world renowned climbers and alpinists including Sir Edmund Hillary, Reinhold Messner, Rob Hall, Junko Tabei and many more who have been there. To add onto the list are former American president Jimmy Carter & Mrs. Rosalyn Carter, former Japanese premier Ryutaro Hashimoto, etc.

Overnight at the Hotel

Free for final minute packing and shopping until transfer to the airport for final departure.



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